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Product Development Update - 2021 V28

The Trends That Will Drive Growth

In 2020, the food and beverage sales growth shot up to 11% and manufacturers and marketers are now trying to understand how to keep that growth elevated. Several trends stand out as potential drivers.  Read more

Better-for-you Options Appeal Within the Soft Drinks Market

Today’s consumers are more conscious about the ingredients that go into their favorite beverages, paying close attention to those that are deemed detrimental to health, ranging from high sugar content and artificial ingredients to certain energy-boosting ingredients.  Read more

Functional Foods and Beverages Target Key Consumer Health Needs

Products that offer multiple benefits with science-backed health ingredients will appeal to rekindled interest in holistic health concepts.  Read more

Trends in Nutraceutical Ingredients for Men's Health

Men’s health concerns, like those of women, evolve according to their ages and stages of life.  Read more

Metabolic Activators NAC, Nicotinamide Riboside, and L-Carnitine and COVID-19 Recovery

Researchers in the United Kingdom studied whether a combination of metabolic activators (CMA)—specifically, N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), nicotinamide riboside (NR), and L-carnitine—could support metabolic function and shorten recovery time in patients with mild to moderate cases of COVID-19.  Read more

Effects of Astragalus Extract on Immune Systems

A recent study found that supplementation with an astragalus extract benefited the immune systems of elite class rowers participating in a heavy training cycle.  Read more

Goji Berry Consumption and CVD Risk

This randomized controlled trial investigates the impact of wolfberry consumption as part of a healthy dietary pattern on vascular health-related outcomes and classical CVD risk factors in middle-aged and older adults in Singapore.  Read more

In the News

FSMA Basics Not So Basic for Food Brands – Podcast

FSMA swept in much-needed food safety regulations for U.S. brands, but many companies continue to struggle with foreign import requirements.  In this podcast, Rae Martin, president of Continuum Partner Consulting interviewed by Sandy Almendarez, editor in chief at Natural Product Insider®  discussed:

  • The most common requirement of FSMA that food brands fail to achieve.

  • The essential component that brands need to achieve FSMA compliance.

  • The one thing Martin would change to FSMA if she could

Learn more.