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Continuum Partner Consulting (CPC) is a consultancy specialized in Regulatory Compliance, Safety and Quality Systems, Product Development, and Project Management in the food, dietary supplement, and cosmetics & personal care industries.  Our mission is to help clients marketing their products in the United States, China, and other counties, and to maintain a competitive edge and compliant in the markets.  We have proudly proven to be a valuable, dedicated partner to our clients providing comprehensive, professional, and reliable services that are cost-effective and result-oriented.  


Our reputable and highly-accomplished consultants are in-depth subject-matter experts with decades of experience helping companies succeed in ever-changing regulations and constantly innovating markets.  No matter where you are, CPC is your one-stop consulting services partner from Concept to Market.

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Regulatory Compliance

The ever-changing regulatory requirements have created one of the biggest challenges to the food, dietary supplement, functional food, and cosmetics and personal care industries. We specialize in  one-stop regulatory compliance services that include:

  • Build effective teams in a diverse culture and business environment.
  • Provide technical and project management leadership.

  • Access to extensive and in-depth expertise cost-effectively and promptly.
  • Speed up time-to-market.
  • Tailor services to meet specific needs.
  • Real-time access to a cloud-based system and keep everyone informed.
  • Customize processes and systems most suitable to each unique business.
Safeguard Your Most Valuable Assets
  • Protect the credibility, integrity, reputation of your business.
  • Maintain continuity in critical areas in a fast-changing environment. 

Product Development

Our experts have developed food, dietary supplement, and cosmetic & personal care products for global markets, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.  We apply the most up-to-date science and innovative technologies, insightful understanding of consumer markets, and success-proven processes in product development from concept to market.  We help our clients to increase time-to-market and investment return of new products.


Knowing every step of product development is interrelated, contributing to the success of a product in the market, we approach product development holistically, by getting it done right from the start, saving you precious time, money, and resources from the back-and-forth practice.

Ingredient Review
Manufacturer/Supplier Qualification
Product Claims Development & Substantiation
Label Review
Technical Transfer
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Newsletter - 2020 V29

FSVP Compliance, a Quick and Easy Cloud Solution

CPC recently renovated its Client Portal, streamlining the processes of developing, implementing, and maintaining a customized and audit-ready FSVP system.  Learn more

Reminder: FDA Food Facility Registration 2020 Biennial Renewal

The 2020 Biennial Registration Renewal Period begins October 1, 2020 and concludes on December 31, 2020.  Read more

Supreme Court Settles Fate of DMAA

The nation’s highest court has rejected a request to review a case involving the legality of DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine), a once-prevalent ingredient marketed in sports supplements.  Read more

FDA, Consumer Groups in Favor of Mandatory Listing of Dietary Supplement Products

Three of five major trade groups in the dietary supplement industry support an FDA proposal for a mandatory product listing.  Read More

Diet and Supplements: An Expert Panel Publishes Covid-19 Recommendations

A panel of doctors and professors, in cooperation with the Swiss Society of Nutrition, has reviewed the scientific evidence on the role of micronutrients in supporting a well-functioning immune system for optimal health, with a special focus on viral infections.  Read more

UK Gov Now Urging Vitamin D Supplementation In Fight Against Covid-19

The UK’s Health Secretary is now urging people to take vitamin D supplements after recent evidence suggests it can offer some degree of resilience against the coronavirus.  Read more

FARE Announces SEED to Study and Promote Early Introduction of Allergenic Foods to Prevent Food Allergies

FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), the world’s leading non-governmental organization engaged in food allergy advocacy and the largest private funder of food allergy research, is launching the Start Eating Early Diet (SEED) study exploring early introduction of multiple allergenic foods among a diverse sample of 2,000 infants.  Read more

Natural and Organic Personal Care Growth Remains Steady

Natural Business Journal (NBJ) Personal Care Special Report indicates that even in the midst of a pandemic that has altered the personal care habits of many consumers, natural and organic personal care growth remains steady.  Read more

In the News

FSMA Basics Not So Basic for Food Brands – Podcast

FSMA swept in much-needed food safety regulations for U.S. brands, but many companies continue to struggle with foreign import requirements.  In this podcast, Rae Martin, president of Continuum Partner Consulting interviewed by Sandy Almendarez, editor in chief at Natural Product Insider®  discussed:

  • The most common requirement of FSMA that food brands fail to achieve.

  • The essential component that brands need to achieve FSMA compliance.

  • The one thing Martin would change to FSMA if she could

Learn more.

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